Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Ground floor entry to Eupalinos Ugajin's "Gravity is a Mistake".

"The Library" at Eupalinos' installation. 

     On LEA21, Eupalinos Ugajin has created another of his energetic, interactive art spaces. The setting he made for it is one of my favorites. There are so many things to click on, including a dragon to fight in order to gain access to the Library area, but I am so easily distracted by the sheer beauty of the installation that I tend to observe more than do battle. Yet, when you do click, there are marvels to experience, so I suggest visitors take advantage of the interactive quality in Gravity is a Mistake. I was fortunate to have been invited to build something under the water pertaining to the library theme. The seabed is covered in a large page with script in PrimChords. The underwater telephone poles have also caught more pages of script in their wires.

My underwater contribution to the installation. 

     Above the waves are fine works by several artists. Whether the visitor is able to make it into the Library or not by getting past the dragon, it's absolutely worth it to stand at the entry and cam around. It's a work of art, and every angle of it is exciting, you can only take excellent photos.

You land in the giant pin studded seed high above the ocean. Stepping outside
of the seed, you teleport automatically to the island below, at it's entrance. Once
you get past the dragon, the Library will show you in no uncertain terms that
gravity is a mistake. Tap your forward button just a little at a time for more control.
But don't expect full control, this is what happens when physics changes its mind.

Looking from the back of the Library toward the entrance

A very lively "book"  by Alpha Auer. There are also other
amazing artists present at the Gravity installation. 


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