Sunday, May 29, 2016


Looking onto the pink domed Studio of Stories in the distance,
from the waterfall at Maze Gardens. 

The facade of the studio on Paper Tower Court.
The inner dome is a concave lens carved into the large drum above the studio space.
Being that the drum resembles a crown, one can also call this building the Crown of Frogs.
The 3D falling cubes are a twist on pendentives, helping to secure the drum
onto the building proper. 

Interior of the studio. 

     Since yesterday, I’ve been remodeling the ACC Builds Studio (one of the pavilions on Paper Tower Court) for the purpose of sharing readings and performance. I now refer to it as the Studio of Stories. I opened up the previous small room compartments into one large space, but divided it into different levels for a more dynamic floor plan with tiered seating. The walls are three textures deep to impart a soft glitter effect. To engage the eyes’ pleasure of the arts, two sea themed works by Lilia Artis grace the walls. Removal of the double arches afforded me the space I needed to open the ceiling into a dome. After constructing a drum, the new inner dome could fit snug into it.

Detail of sculptures.

Two of the six nixies found inside the dome's space.

Pulling further back, one sees the skylight based on Mantegna's painting

     The Frog Dome

     I wanted some kind of Baroque or Rococo elements in the painting of the inner dome, as well as lavishing sculpture at its base. I took a ceiling painting by Mantegna for inspiration, but replaced the angels and humans with whimsical frogs and nixies. I just happen to have a superb collection of the aforementioned creatures sculpted by Garvie Garzo of MeadowWorks. The frog and nixie pieces have been fashioned with great care by Garvie, and they now protect the vaulted ceiling from any conventional expectations. The amphibians adorn the rim of the inner dome with a variety of yoga poses. The sky within the dome is four textures thick, three of which are alpha layers, and you may know the joy of working with a room full of alphas! The closer you cam into the glitter walls and dome, the larger the specks become. Adjusting your distance from these architectural features will yield various effects. I hope you find just the right one for your taste! To see more frogs on the sim, also visit the meditation hall at the House of Accentaury, which is on the Plateau of Man Park.


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