Wednesday, May 18, 2016


View onto the cliff side dwellings of Medusa Locks.
Lots of activities have recently been at work in this neighborhood.

     Almost invariably, every time I finish a large installation, such as Fantasy Faire, either ACC Alpha, or Sparquerry will get lots of attention, usually in the form of some remodeling here or there. It's not only because I enjoy building that I do this, but each installation I make in world, new things are learned, and I am propelled to upgrade some of my older builds.

The old vase in the newly retextured hallway at Medusa Locks

     For years, I had been bothered by the messy trail called Black Forest Lock, around the book bindery. In that tiny space, it was impossible to widen the trail, however, to simplify the windy road into a more straight forward line solved the problem. While I was at it, cleaning the upper portion of Black Forest Lock was also a major undertaking. The old vase on pedestal remains on its same spot, but the 'closet' was removed as well as the new primchords textures added to lighten up the area.
     The book bindery also got a fresh coat of textures, and simplification.

The book bindery gets a face lift. Also on Medusa Locks.

     The beautiful work of artists Silas Merlin, and Eliza Wierwight played key roles in some of the recent remodels. Silas is a very talented pastel artist and sculptor, who brings his real life art into SL. He observes the festivals in Bretagne, France, where the locals dress in traditional costumes. Silas then captures them in his own compositions and delivers us remarkable drawings. The sense of light, and color and line are masterful. When remodeling the Pen Temple at the base of Medusa Locks, I began filling the room with these artworks. In addition, I had been purchasing furnishings and plants from Eliza Wierwight's Banyan House. She is the creator of Patron, in case you aren't familiar with her work, I highly suggest you look up her profile and fly over to Banyan House to see one of SL's wonders. The quality of Eliza's artistic creations are flawless, and I was grateful so many of the pieces are for sale so as to incorporate some really comfortable settings at ACC Alpha. The Camel Pavilion also got a new set of furnishings thanks to my shopping fun at Banyan House.

New furnishings by Eliza Wierwight at the Camel Pavilion at Caravan Terminus.

Silas Merlin's pastel paintings on the walls of the Pen Temple at Medusa Locks.
Patron furnishings by Eliza Wierwight.

More paintings by Silas Merlin, and furnishings by Eliza Wierwight.

     Silas Merlin just finished "Mademoiselle Rose" based on the painting by the French artist Delacroix. Silas made a 3D sculpture after the painting, and provided the background on a separate prim which carries the texture of the painting's background, so you have a kind of diorama set up. You have to see it to believe how well done it is. For Mademoiselle Rose, I felt the best place to set her up was in the old glass studio at Medusa Locks.

Silas Merlin's 3D statue based on the painting "Mademoiselle Rose" by Delacroix.
The painting is in the forefront on the easel, and the statue is to the right of this,
and can be viewed at all angles.

     In case you are wondering, these are all public places, so please just walk in. They are intended for visitors to see.


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