Thursday, May 19, 2016

Ancient Sea of Domes at Plateau of Man Park

Skyline at Plateau of Man Park, over the rooftop of House of Accentaury.
The floating disc in the sky is the remains of the top of the Paper Tower
which used to dominate ACC Alpha.

     After having refurnished parts of the Camel Pavilion which gives onto the Plateau of Man Park, I also trimmed some of the bushes, cleaning up the look all around that area. The trees actually show better when there is less density of the lower shrubs. The park is still quite lush on this mesa overlooking Accentaury. I decided to do a little photo series of the skyline based on the plentiful domes found in this section of the city, and how they play among the trees which reveal them through their gentle lacy leaves like silk veils. The photos are all taken in the natural sim light, without any manipulation in Photoshop. I like the soft atmosphere the region lighting gives.

Looking toward the Camel Pavilion and House of Accentaury.

Same view as above, but showing the grounds of the park. The building to the right
houses a fountain in a pond where a mother duck and her duckling swim.
Beyond the park in the far distance is the top of a tower at Darkrodin's Notebook.


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