Tuesday, May 24, 2016

New Transportation/Tour in Accentaury.

     Have you ever boarded a ship which travels counter clockwise in the air… then to the seabed… and beyond? Now you can ride a most unusual new mode of transportation in Accentaury. Click the ship when you see it – look somewhere in the proximity of the Paper Observatory (the giant domed building which floats above the center of the ACC Alpha sim).  It may take a minute or two before it emerges from the sea. You cannot miss its large size. There are three chairs on the deck, but it doesn’t matter where you click to sit, any part of the ship will place you into the animation on one of the chairs.
The ship rises toward the Paper Observatory which hovers over Accentaury.

     HOW TO RIDE:     Simply right click anywhere on the ship, choose SIT HERE from the pie menu, and you’re on your way. Next, hit your ESC (Escape) key on the keyboard, and the camera takes over for a good avatar perspective. And if you wish to ensure your view to be facing forward during the ride, when you right click on the ship, click on the ship while your view is facing forward, and this establishes the angle you will experience during the tour. Hit the ESC key as explained above, and your camera does all the work, all you need do is sit back and enjoy the short ride. [Usually you will face forward by default, but sometimes it does a side view… which is also interesting. You have some degree of control by choosing the camera angle before right clicking the ship].

     WHAT YOU WILL SEE:     Certainly you’ve been on Second Life transports and tours that take you around the sims, on land, in the air, and even above and below the sea. But have you been on one that also dips you below the sim, below the lowest seabed of the sim? It’s murky blue down there, and you’ll see it for a brief time on the ride. Hold your breath! You will also see the sim of Sparquerry off in the distance, and like magic you will traverse solid walls, and glide up to the Paper Observatory in a rather surprising kind of entrance.

It's murky UNDERNEATH a sim. This is below the lowest seabed level.

By contrast, here I reemerge above the seabed, enjoying the refreshing cold waters
of the deep sea.

Flying up from the sea, high into the sky is the entry to the Paper Observatory.

     MUNICIPAL TRANSPORTATION:     Not only does this ride give you a tour of sorts, and a good dunking into the ocean, but it will also deliver you right inside the Paper Observatory. No matter where the ship is when you click to STAND, you will be disembarked instantaneously onto the floor of the Paper Observatory. Nearby is a teleporter disc on the ground. You can left click that for a menu of 9 other stops available for transport in the Accentaury city. This time, you will travel much quicker and by space ship. This is the teleporting system that has been in use here since 2010. It’s old and reliable. The spaceship follows you like a puppy for a half minute after escorting you to your chosen destination. Then it flies up into the sky for a fond farewell until your next teleporting click.

The teleporter inside the Paper Observatory allows you to access 9 other
destinations on the ACC Alpha sim. Left click for the menu of locations.
Click the location you wish to visit, then right click to sit on the ball that appears
above the teleporter. You're on your way. A quick way to see many of the sites.

     Enjoy your stay in Accentaury on the ACC Alpha sim.


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